Our Profile

Product Profile

Customer-Centric Solutions

TransFUSION Network is a diversified web-based application, focused on improving the transportation supply chain through telematics enhancements. As a leader in logistics applications, TransFUSION Network integrates progressive technologies and design methods to create customer-centric solutions to fit every business’ needs. In short, TransFUSION Network exists to make your life easier…and your business more profitable.


Vision and Strategy


"Improve the quality of people’s lives through timely introduction of meaningful innovations."


“In a world where complexity touches every aspect of our daily living, we will lead by delivering sense and simplicity to our customers.”


Delight customers | Deliver great results | Develop people | Depend on each other

Our Business

Innovation for Growth

With laser focus, we serve three overlapping business sectors: transportation, logistics and brokering. Throughout our business’s history, we’ve demonstrated our propensity for innovation by translating customer insights into practical applications that improve the operations of the companies we touch.

Our Brand Promise

Intuition Creates Results

In a world where change and evolution is an absolute constant, we strive to create forward-thinking strategies that bring a calm to our clients. Our brand promise of “Sense and Simplicity” encapsulates our commitment to intimately understand the needs and aspirations of our customers, and deliver the most intuitive solutions available.